We offer rewinding services in both units.

We can trim a reel, change its diameter or make until twenty sleeting in a mother reel.

We can also get rid of defects.

We have now a good experience in very small widths such as 70, 80 and 90mm, rewinded out of mother reels until 2300mm.

We have a big potential of reactivity and adaptability offering quick service and delivery. Our planning is very flexible.


We offer sheeting services in both units.

We can sheet from 21 x 40 cm up to 210 x 265 cm, all types of paper and board from 40 up to 600 gr.

We are able to make our own pallets, offering a better service and reactivity for urgent orders.



We have a guillotine on both units, able to take max 120x160cm in Paris Area and 150x200 in south west unit.

This service can help to get rid of non standard sizes in pallets by guillotining them in smaller sizes.


We are only able to make automatic wrapping in Paris unit.

We can take from size 43x61cm up to 80x120. All the other sizes are done manually.

We have neutral wrapping but can use personalized wrapper supplied by our customers.

Reels and pallets packing

We can neutralized some reels or pallets , repack after damages, modify pallets specifications (from standard pallets to Eur pallet 80x120).

Transport and Storage 

We have a capacity of 2000T en bobines et 3000T in Paris area and 2000T in south west mill.

We can organize the deliveries to your final customer by offering a transport service at the better cost and delivery time.